Sunday, 15 May 2011

Picture Of A Sunny Day

I fucking love this song and band so much

Tomorrow is the first official rock n roll for girls after school music club.
So excited! And nervous, but I passionately believe in this project. Up until this point I have only done presentations in the schools and introduced the idea so tomorrow is an important day. I know that there are girls out there that aren't doing what they want to be doing because they don't feel entitled and they are insecure about how they look! I've spoken to them. This sucks, they are cool and should be having fun and feeling good and making music.

Tomorrow that's what we're gonna do! Yeahhhhhhhhh.

I hate when you lose a favourite t-shirt and have no idea where it went. My homer simpson t-shirt and nirvana one?? where did you go? in an airing cupboard squished right at the back on the floor under some towels along with all my other odd sock pairs probably.

To make up for the long lost tees, I am currently enjoying wearing my new buffy and angel necklace that i got froma nice shop on etsy. so so good. Buffy you were my actual best friend and feminist hero in school, I will love you now and forever.


  1. Ah I'd wish you'd of come to my school :'] The Music department is shit & there's some really talented girls in my class >< Sitting my Music GCSE tomorrow & absolutely cacking myself :L Bloody Lewis Girls'. Good luck with the project though ^^ xx

  2. good luck with your project. It is important that young women get a chance in music and our pop culture history would not be the same without those who have come and gone..

  3. any chance you're gonna perform in the uk before i return to malaysia?
    im a big fan from half way across the world!

  4. hey kate,
    i'm from a small town in the north of germany, where there are a lot of students in bands. almost all of them are purely made up of boys and sometimes there is one girl. there is a rock band here, that was looking for a vocalist and really wanted a boy to sing. anyway, at some point they decided a girl would be okay, if she had a rock'n'roll sort of voice. i don't really, but i said i would like to try.
    i very rarely get nervous, but it was really horrible and i was so scared at the beginning, my voice sounded terrible and then at some point i just thought 'fuck it, scream and dance around, you have nothing to lose' you really ispired me to be brave in that moment and the guys in the band said from that point on i was great and they'd like me to sing for them. so thanks a lot for all the inspiration and courage you gave to me today!

  5. Kate, you were and still are one of my feminist heroes. If anyone would need an explanation as to why, i would just direct them to listen to the first minute or so of "Mansion Song" Girl, you're bangin'. Keep it up!


  6. Wow. Buffy was my hero too. Now it's you Miss Nash, with your fabulous 'don't give a shit' lyrics. Its like the rest of the world thinks it and Kate Nash says it. Brilliant.

  7. You're so funny! I love your style. Love the hat with the clothespin in your nose. Keep on keepin' on girl! ;-)

    In solidarity...

    Terry Ann Smulen

  8. hi Kate Nash ,I have a question and please if anyone knows the answer ,please respond me: what does "she's all rendered and gree " means in Kiss that grrrl?

  9. you are my hero right now, for being so proudly feminist, so smart and talented! i grew up in the 90's and am so excited to see that you love sleater-kinney AND that you covered that cub song!

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