Thursday, 19 May 2011

School Life = Real Life

Dropped all my papers in school today! Doh!

School never changes. And when you grow up people don't change either. The way that I deal with the media and internet and hearing the opinions of thousands of people on me personally and the music and art I create is by seeing it like school. Some people don't like you, some people give you shit, some people are your friends, some people support you, some people smile at you in a corridor even if you don't know them. Life is just like school but on a much bigger scale. I know if you go to school and you hate it then that sounds like a scary thing and like a bit of a drag. I mean obviously you have more freedom, you don't have to call someone miss or ask if you can go to the loo, but people don't really change do they? I see it in my mum's life, my sisters and friends, with the people they know and meet. The way people interact with each other is the same.

It's different and more fun if you're open minded and can surround yourself with open minded people. Life will be pretty interesting, if you're not open minded and can't surround yourself with people that are you'll be afraid and probably horrible to people that are different to you. It's OK to be scared of things, I am, everyday, but I try to learn from new things and let them intrigue or excite me. I'm aware that you can't just have tunnel vision and we all have something different to offer. I want to challenge myself even when I feel like curling into a ball. I'm glad my parents brought me up to treat people equally and that bullying was bad and something to be ashamed of, to be open minded and to read and travel and that they challenged all my opinions. It's really helped, thanks mum and dad.

Jeez I'm so thoughtful at the moment.

To lighten the mood, I've been looking at some pretty hats by Piers Atkinson. Excuse the poor quality photo, my computers not well. But how dreamy??!...


  1. Just marry me, please?! x

  2. Kate, did you have any school's friend untill today? I think that's very bad sometimes, cus when I meet anyone from highschool it's just like look into a mirror: the same freak nerd with scary about other people opinion. I like know new people, who can look at me like just a girl, and give me oportunity to be my better version about me =)

    Keep writing, i luv your blog ^^


  3. School Life = Real Life i was thinking the same the other's true, you described it very well
    By the way nice photo, I dropp my papers almost every day hahaha xD... and the hat are very cool
    you and your blog are awesome :D

  4. Ok, I pretty much think you're the best and I'm pretty sure we have the same mind.

    ps. Check out my blog, if you can :]

  5. You are right, that's why going to a real big school is always good to experiment the real life. Unfortunatly I went to a catholic school with only girls! It was such a nice moment but afterwards I really felt lost...
    Nice hats, the navy beret with orchids is so great.

  6. I will write you a poem one day...x

  7. kate !
    excuse my faults, I'm a german girl !
    you're the best singer alive, and I'm your faaaaaaaaan !!! (:
    there are so many things that inspire (?) me:
    your opinion, your music (I don't know any person who writes better texts!) your dresses and trousers, your blog, your concerts (oh, ok, I've just visited 2 but I hope I'll see more in the future !)
    there is no other person who can articulate his opinions so clever, cool , intelligent !
    you're so right ! for me, it is very important that there are "stars" who have opinions ! you've never said "the only things that is important are clothes", because you don't think so. it's so good for people like me to hear that I'm not the only person who thinks so !!! IT's so annoying if somebody doesn't get respect because he wears other clothes or has an other hair style.
    a year ago I had my hairs very very short, everybody said: "no girl would wear her hair like this, you're a man!" and there were guys who told me always, that I would be ugly and other things, and I felt so ugly and insecure. I had jeans about what they said they'd look like boys trousers. and I had had also Dr. Martin's of what they said the same,
    I stayed how I was, but sometimes I felt&feel so insecure with myself... and it's just because of this f***ing persons who aren't able to respect anybody !
    and because of this experiences I'm so happy that you motivate and inspire me in every way you are able to !!!
    that is the first thing... but there are so many things I love, and your music is however the most important thing !!!
    your lyrics,,, I say it again... is so perfectly pure and so right... !!!!
    the first and the second albums are so different and in any kind of way similar ! you have style!! I love every song... and of corse I know them well. !!!
    I have no fave song, they are always cool but MOUTHWASh is the song who motivates me so much, I am not able to describe... it is so wunderfull hard and right and it helps to stay oneself... and also don't you want to share the guilt is so cool! "i love flowers and simplicity!" this is what I mean... PURE; RIGHT; LOVELY; WUNDERFULL!!
    I think, it is too boring for everybody to hear my opinion and I'm just one of a hundred thousand fans and everybody wants to get an answer or wants to tell you how beautiful and right you are! and you are my model in every way.
    and now, I HAVE DONE IT !
    kisses. Lailah from Germany ♥

  8. very cool hats.
    did your boyfriend fall off stage at the kasbah the other night?! (during Cheat On Me)

  9. Look 19! :) (If it's not obvious, I was the chick that would smile at you in the hall even if I didn't know you - still am 10 years later.)

  10. All the pictures are just stunning. I hope we could also have enjoyed during our school times. But strange we are enjoying the fun of those times now a days.

  11. you should use print screen :P

  12. Well said. Even I totally agree with you. Now a days if I am missing my school days then its the excitement I used to had then which is a refreshing move now also, then who will not treat those days as the real life. Real life are those which remains as memories for ever.

  13. U have made an interesting blog dude !! Just stopped by reading ur blogs.

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