Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lovely Lady Baker

Firstly thank you so much to everyone who sponsored me on the walk for michael sobell house, in total everyone on the walk made a total of around £48,000!

This is me and my dad, he was one of the men chaperoning the 'ladies of the night' walk. We made him wear this predator on a hen night esque head piece.

I wore this flashing ring for safety purposes obviously.

Today I went for lunch at Franze & Evans on Redchurch Street. It was so delicious!! I would strongly recommend going there. The lady bakes all these amazing cakes herself and makes fresh tasty salads, they make cake out of polenta too so it's good for the wheat free brady bunch.

I really want the lovely lady baker to be my wife. She would bake me such delicious treats and I could nuzzle into her by the fire.

I also met this cat in a lovely little shop called Caravan also on Redchurch street

They sold dainty/cute/nice things like this

So I got a new night light

Fluffy was chewing the tissue paper it was wrapped in all day and she had made several attempts to drag it into her cage throughout the day, so when I saw this I thought it was normal...

It turns out there was actually a little piece of selotape accidentally left on the paper that had stuck to her ear! Poor fluffy. So cute though. She's free of tissue paper and selotape now though so don't worry.

Couple of last things, I went into rough trade (initally to buy polarloid film cause I'd just bought a "talking polaroid" camera, yes talking! you can record little messages for when you pull the trigger, so damn 80's) anyway I always end up buying too many records when I'm in there because I get over excited, 2 I would recommend are the new Comet Gain (Ryan produced a bunch of tracks on this one) and the debut from a friend of mine Hollie Cook I'm really excited to hear it. 

Lastly to wrap up a lovely day I did an impromptu gig with badger an old friend of mine in spitalfields market


  1. Hello Kate. I like your blog very much. I have written lots of nice things about you on my blog... like this:

  2. My first comment on your blog Kate! Been a fan for a couple years and I find it so great to just read about your normal day to day activities. :) Those cakes look so delish!

  3. I got the same rabbit light... :)

  4. aww I love the Comet Gain. I'd forgotten they had a new album coming out! :)

  5. you came to coventry to the summerball, and i wanted so bad to come, but i didnt have someone to come! :(

  6. Hi Kate! Your blog is just as amazing as your music. Yesterday I was having quite a crappy day and reading this made it so so so much better.

    Here's a short story. I'm from Argentina and, oddly enough, I was in England when you came here on tour. But.. lucky enough I was in Bristol when you played in Bath this past February! I went to your gig and it totally rocked my world, in a way I didn't expect though I've been a fan for years. The message you gave to young girls like myself who play music... and the encouragement to gay people, like myself too... was an absolute inspiration. At the end of that gig I managed to pick up a pick you had dropped on stage.

    Today I grabbed my guitar and started playing with that pick ... which I had never used before... and out of the blue I wrote a song about lots of thigs I hadn't had the courage to put in lyrics before. It was amazing.

    Thank you, Kate. For everything.

  7. That bunny lamp is sooooo freaking awesome!

  8. Does anyone know the appropriate address to send Kate Nash something in snailmail?


  9. that cat is insanely cute. my cat is jealous.

  10. lmao @ the tape and fluffy. next on "bunnies do the darnedest things!"

  11. I want to be your best friend.
    Can you come to Atlanta so I can hug you?

  12. hi kate

    I love you, your music, your smile!!!

    Come to Germany!
    I can´t wait. We all can´t wait!

    Your music is so wonderful :)


  13. in perhaps a mildly unrelated question...(sorry)
    who is tha man in the cowboy costume in Later On?


    Hey Kate have you seen this yet?

  15. how did you like poland? i saw your show there and i thought you were amazing :> i hope you adored us as much as we adore you, kate : )

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  17. Hi Kate,

    I would like to send you the pictures I took of the show in Sao Paulo - Brazil on February 25, 2011.
    It's a lot of very beautiful photos of you and your band with glitter flying over the stage and you wrapped in a Brazil flag.
    It was definitely the best day of my life. :)

    Can you give me an email address so I can send you the pictures? Can be a commercial email. Means a lot to me.
    I sent an email via Flickr to you previously about this. Only for you to know.


  18. Helloo kate Nash i'm twelve years old and i really really love you and your music, me and My friend Kasper listend to you and Billy Bragg everyday after school!!! I hope you come to stockholm soon:)))))) Love Moa

  19. I heard your music on Community and actually put forth the effort to find it!

    I like your music and your blog :)

    stay cool