Wednesday, 1 June 2011

ROMANCE & Walk for Charity

Tomorrow night I am djing after the ROMANCE gig at Heroes Bar (formerly the flower pot) in Kentish Town, address is 147 Kentish Town Road. It's a Fiction Family affair, (they just signed to fiction recently, check them out)

Then the day after (Friday!) I am doing a 9 mile walk overnight for the charity that is Michael Sobell House Hospice, you can sponsor me and help raise money for charity HERE (

The hospice does amazing work and helps support people with life limiting diseases and relies a lot on fundraising to keep going so it is very important, it would be great to get all the help I can raising money! I will be sponsoring my friends who are also doing the walk too and I will let you know how much we raise in total. Thanks to all that have helped so far.



  1. I shall re tweet and spread x

  2. what a wunderfull picture.
    i love your clothes. :)
    and I think it's supercool what you do ♥

  3. are you jumping off something? i must know! haha.

  4. she has to :D I don't know any person who can jump so high without help.

  5. Now that's one cool cat picture. :)