Monday, 18 July 2011

Supercute! and other Supercute related things!

Help Supercute make music videos and record their album! watch this Kickstarter and donate anything that you can to help these cuties make art.

Things they need to pay for! 

In other supercute news, Siobhan and Jay Malhotra the cutest Husband & Wife that ever lived, have started their own etsy shop called Knitnhealthy They are selling extremely wonderful things like this...

I have one of these donut brooches and can vouch that they look rather splendid pinned onto the collar of an oversized 2 tone denim jacket. 

Moustache purses, genius.

My mum uses this doggy lavender (microwaveable) rice pack on her sore hip.

And my current favourite, which whoops sorry I already bought (ask her to make more!) 

You can also follow them on twitter here here



  1. Looks nice (:

  2. Cute stuff! Another great way to get started (in my opinion) is through pledge. Specially since they can add something knitted to their cds or original paintings, they can sell anything they want. Sophie Madeleine even sold living room gigs and hand painted ukuleles. I think it's awesome. Great luck, guys!

  3. i know this is a long shot, and you probably don't even read these comments, but i'm a 21 year old northern girl putting together a book about what it means to be a strong girl and have confidence in yourself. i find your blog really inspiring and would love it if you could answer a little survey i've sent round to lots of girls. its only 5 questions long. i know that you're super famous and probably won't bother but it'd be incredible if you could because amongst my survey of inspirational women your name has popped up an awful lot and i'd truly love it if i could have your input. my email address is if you ever do see this. with love from a big fan and wannabe writer xxxx

  4. Ahhhh those donut brooches are adorable!!!

    So cute!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  5. mariscalon@hotmail.com28 July 2011 at 06:45

    kate, i just think you're great! you're an amazing singer, i love your songs!!! i saw your show in circo voador, rio de janeiro and started to love you even more! you have to came back! life would be even better if i could see you sing at least once a year! (sorry, my english isn't the best....)
    you are cute!
    kisses! mariana scalon