Thursday, 28 July 2011

You ain't got no ALIBI!

I've been waking up these days super late, which up until the last 6 months has been my usual habits for the last 24 years (Actually take off maybe 7 from those cause I used to be able to wake up at like 6 every morning to eat breadsticks and watch cartoons with my sisters when I was a very small person)

Anyway I've been doing a load of festivals in Europe which has been coooool but it has meant like 5 in the morning starts for early flights and then late nights after shows which if you can add up my friends equals no sleep! Therefore I have been waking up like a human sized slab of stone has hit me every morning this week and doing nothing else but listening to music, hanging out with fluffy and going to my rehearsal room (that looks like wayne's world and has a dog called peach) to write.

(Wrote that yesterday, then got distracted by stroking fluffy and then I was late to meet a friend so had to rush out of bed)

Anyway same kind of vibes apart from with new news. Yesterday I did an interview with the amazing Rebekah Roy for The Industry. And I was kind of scared because the fashion world has really scared me in the past, being a feminist and someone who promotes a healthy body image and tries to challenge the mainstream ideals of what 'beauty' is (i.e everyone that is nice is beautiful) for girls and boys of the world, I've found it hard to know where I fit in in the fashion planet, I mean I love clothes and my version of "fashion" ...

but the business scares me! Anyway I have discovered it's just like any industry, you find your own pockets and world within it if you want, people that you think are cool, stuff that you like, and you just enjoy that. Then you challenge what you disagree with about it if you think it's necessary and might change the world for the better or help someone.

It's cool being interviewed by a friend, you get to speak about things that you care about and I remember getting hot in the open q&a section because I was talking so passionately about something!

After that I went to watch DUD, TURBOGUEIST AND SHUGA (EMMA CHITTY'S NEW PROJECT) for a "swamp session" night. You can buy the e.p here (I ordered the e.p last night, paid. wrote my name, email and address on some card that was at the table that said 'order record here' and then Jon took it home as a poster to put on his wall so I may have to order it again.)

Emma was fucking amazing and if you can see one of her shows then please do, she is fucking awesome. The woman hasn't even been playing bass for very long and she fucking owns the instrument, her voice/lyrics/songs will blow ya mind! Haven't felt so inspired/excited by new music since Brigitte Aphrodite 2 years ago. Nice to get that feeling again.

So I miss going to school, I miss all my friends in all the schools. Not as in me being at actual school, good god I do not want to go back there, I mean doing the after school clubs! The cool rock n roll chicks that make music. When I worked at nandos they had t-shirts with cool slogans on like 'hot chicks' or something, whilst working there I spent most of my day staring into space (the high street in harrow) putting nata cakes in the microwave and eating them and sitting in the walk in fridge to cool down. I really love walk in fridges, they still impress me for some reason, it's because of tomb raider, I used to stay in the training house and lock geeves in the big freezer and avoid playing the actual game because the tiger would always kill me or I would drown? I hope to one day have giant walk in fridge.

Here's 2 things
1 the new lynx advert, are they actually selling women now? giving them away as a prize? is this some kind of sex trading deodorant company?

2 is watching an episode of sex in the city recently (?why?) I was confused when Carrie Bradshaw compared the war between married couples and singles (war?) to THE WAR IN NORTHERN IRELAND! Fucking hell, who wrote that line in the script? and who didn't edit it out? 
I will leave you with the moldy peaches in a moment, but first I just want to try and encourage whoever I can to stop using the word UGLY when talking about someones looks. I only use it when talking about a person if someone has an ugly personality or has done something really ugly. Like for example last night I was walking home and there was this seriously drunk dude trying to get cash out of the cash machine at like 3 am. I was waiting behind him because it's the only cash point in the area and he kept telling me to go away, I could see that he was trying to get out £200 and his card kept getting rejected, he was so drunk that when his card came out of the machine that's when he would start pressing the buttons and telling me there was something wrong with it. I tried to help and he kept telling me angrily to fuck off (and he was built like some kind of steroid injecting rugby player) I really needed to get cash so I didn't and then when he finally realised he didn't have £200 in his account and he gave up he offered to hold my chips while I got cash out (and when I say offered I mean shouted at me)  I don't know why he thought I wouldn't be able to hold them myself while I got cash out. I said no thank you and he told me to go fuck myself. That dude was U-G-L-Y-!
I like this homemade movie


  1. Arrr, I love your posts. As well as your music <3 I can easyly associate with your opinions, i'm so happy that there are still ppl that can think, form their own opinons, and they can try to help others see their point of view, just like you do. I love that you are so against using words which can easy hurt other ppl and show your shallowness. And thanks for recommending Moldy Peaches, they are great!, kisses from Poland ;)

  2. Kate, we'll miss you too! The after school clubs were my higlights of that last term, I loved them :D I'm looking forward to when we're all together again and we can write some more lyrics <3

  3. Oh, I love the Moldy Peaches, both Adam Green and Kimya Dawson are great. :)

    And I really like this post. I have never been into "Sex And The City", the stereotypical but unrealistic lives of mid-aged women having too much money and too little moral is no quality show for me, so I won't waste my time.
    We don't have Lynx in Germany, but we have Axe (which is pretty much the same thing) and there is a sexist ad which shows a man using Axe and thus attracting far too thin women in far too few pieces of clothes. The slogan was "The cleaner you are, the dirtier it gets." and I was like "WTF we are actually living in 2011 why bother emancipating ourselves from old clichés?". Many women accept this kind of image, but I don't. I want to be considered beautiful because of my personality and not because of my outward appearance.

    That's it, have a nice day, Kate. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I would be afraid to be in a cash machine at 3 am, you are brave.
    I love the way that you tell your story.

  5. another lovely blog,kate:), and yeah the comparison the made on sex and the city was ugly, and I agree no one should use the word ugly when talking about people's looks

  6. Kate I just wanted you to know that we love you!
    You are my favourite singer, I admire you so much!
    You are brilliant!

    Francisca,13,Portugal. -Please come to visit us!

  7. After glancing at the blog and concluding that it was not worth my time, I returned and read it. I am glad that I did.

  8. Hejhej Kate and all you folks who read this blog,

    I just wanted to add that, reading your cash-mashine story, I had more a feeling of compassion for this drunk guy. I know that it hurts to be told to fuck off, but a drunk person that has obvious problems with alcohol and money and even others that we do not see on our first view should not be called ugly, even if it's scary to be screamed at in the middle of the night.

    I think it's a great start to stop talking ugly stuff about people we should not judge about because we cannot.

    Sometimes it is hard to not be unfair.

    positive energy from germany, Effi

  9. Hi Kate,

    I'm a brazilian musician/designer. I dreamed about you thesedays. I dunno why. It was a good dream. But I got just this crazy idea that I'd like to know you better. Something in that dream told me that you'll read this.

    If you got some spare time, msg me back. =]


  10. You would be so much fun to hang out with! The Moldy Peaches are great and I love that you promote healthy body image as a feminist myself so do I. And it does look as though that lynx ad is selling women as a prize.
    I wonder have you seen any of the ridiculous Summer's Eve ads as of late? They're getting ridiculous. Anyway stay awesome! Will definitely look forward to your posts.

    PS you're amazing in concert, saw you years ago in Maryland


  11. Kate, how i love your blog :) it's always so good to read your entries. Makes me think and often smile :)
    just had to laugh so much when you were talking about that walk in fridge, as i just did the same thing with tomb raider when in was little. and i was always doing that training outside of the house or i was walking through the maze again and again that i didn't have to go to the actual levels because i didn't want to kill the animals because i liked them. :)
    you're right. calling somebody ugly before getting to know him is not right. like the way you look at things.
    also wanted to let you know that your music is really important to me. i like it when i'm happy, but also when i'm sad. it helps me seeing things more optimistically. thank you for that.
    looking forward to seeing you in germany again.


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  13. Just discovered Brigitte Aphrodite this weekend in a tent called 'Get it loud in libraries' and loud she was! And totally awesome too! My favourite thing was that she came and chatted to us all before she started her set and covered us all in glitter which she then chucked all over herself in the opening number. Awesome lady!

  14. I feel the same way about fashion industry

  15. Wonderful! Awesome!
    Nice post! Keep it coming!!

  16. Hi Kate,

    Years ago a mentor of mine suggested that to accurately portray women in fiction I should just write male characters and change the names. I've been working with that in mind for the last few years but recently my female characters have come under fire for being too much like men.

    As much as I'd like to I'm not going to ask the question 'How should I represent women in fiction' I don't think there's a simple answer and certainly wouldn't expect you to act as ambassador to all women everywhere.

    On that note however, I was hoping you could share with us the fictional women that you have identified with the most?

    Thanks for everything!