Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Happy Photo Time

First day of collections for those left homeless after the riots in tottenham. HOXTON SQUARE Park was the meeting point. 

Emmy The Great was more than great at helping and organising things in london the last few days.

Alex Wheeler - Diamond Geeza!

Got so much we needed an extra car...

Sam Duckworth and Dan Thompson = Heroes!

and eventually a van!

Thanks to Pearse Grady for sorting out the van!

This 2 and a half year old gave away hi "space monkey pyjamas" !

At the leisure centre in tottenham, such a nice friendly, helpful vibe it brought tears to my eyes 

If you are interested in helping...

2nd Day of collections did not start well. Dropped my bath mat in the bath. bollox

Soon perked up though

My favourite thing that someone brought

absoulutely gorgeous mama and baby made us cry by being so beautiful inside and out

Inventive donations, handmade vegetarian soap

this guy was such a sweetheart, stuck around all day to help load the van and drive to tottenham and unload.

luckily sonny brought a cover for the rain

grrrrrr rain

sam our lovely man with a van who volunteered his services to us

we met up with jay and siobhan (@knitnhealthy) and sam and got a whole gang group shot 

I <3 London


  1. Woah :)
    Cool photo's Kate. Good to see people such as yourselves are the total opposite of the rioters - nice, considerate, thoughtful and helpful.
    To all that helped with the cleanup's massive props to all, :)

  2. You're a beautiful person. I would find someway to donate, but I'm in Pennsylvania. I would contribute with money but I'm 16 and lost my job last year and my mom is a school teacher so we will not have any funds until school starts up again. I also have an ulterior motive for writing. I saw you at The Wellmount Theatre, in New Jersey on November 20th 2010. I was so happy because it was my "sweet 16" party, however only my mother and one of my friends could attend. It was THE best birthday ever. Anyway, I am a writer, I love to write I live to write. At that concert you handed out copies of your literary magazine, and I love it so much. I was wondering if there could be some way that I could submit my work to you? I recently had a play that I wrote that was preformed in an off broadway production, and I feel that the subject of my play is something that would be in your lit mag. If not that is alright too. I love you so much.

  3. Good job guys!u're amazing! Giulia

  4. i love reading those blog! Thanks for being so helpful to others - it definitely makes a difference,

    René, Denmark

  5. Nice post! Nice pics!

  6. Waooo this is great.. thank for people like you that keep on helping the community :)


    My Stylish Little Secret

  7. KATE ! you are not just the best singer alive, an interesting human and a girl full of power, you are very important for me, too.
    I just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration and power your music gives me!


    *when will you come to Germany again? ♥♥♥

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