Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Bethnal Green on my high street this morning at about 10.00 am

My local Tesco

Clapham Junction still on fire

People out in their hundreds to clean up the mess in their communities

Everyone cheering when the fire went out

Got my broom & Bin liners - essential "Broom Army" kit and hearts on cheeks for John & Yoko peace and love vibes

Alex Wheeler with his GAYSHA dustpan and brush

Marks and Spencers and lots of other shops giving out free food and drink to helpers, including big chain stores and independent local shops

Restoring faith in humanity

Damage & Repair 

As Sam Duckworth said, this is only the beginning, there are questions to be answered, there is upset and so much anger in our cities. Please keep updated and stay safe. xxxxxx <3 <3 <3


  1. Kate, this is so wonderful to see! I'm in the States, watching the footage on the BBC website. London is my favourite city in the world, and it warms my heart to see Londoners joining together to clean up their communities. I only wish I was there to help.

  2. Its great to see everyone come together!

  3. Que bonito!! ;)

    estan en mis oraciones..


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  5. it is so wonderful to see people come together for a positive reason in this time of tragedy

  6. wow this is amazing, it's so amazing to see everyone coming together :) there wasn't one in my area but i'm going to be joining in with as many cleanups as i can xxx


  7. Nice work. I wish I could help.

  8. Quite weird seeing Clapham like that, used to live near clapham common and always went for my coffee at clapham junction... the riot clean up is simply amazing!

  9. I don't understand how people can be so violent and unconscious. Of course, like evrywhere there are some excluded people , but I live in France and I can say that if we could integrate the people in the country like you do in England, that would be a big progress. I'm going to live in London in September and I feel like something is broken between people.Fortunately some people still have a measure of humanity in themselves. That's great to see this solidarity.

  10. To echo previous comments, it is great to see the solidarity post chaos! I agree with you Kate, it's really alarming to see this kind of mindlessness, and to try to unearth the reasons, political social and otherwise, is almost an even more daunting task amid the present climate! One day at a time, good luck to everyone over there! Love from Canada

  11. Dear Kate! I love your stuff! And you were absolutely fabulous here in Finland at Ilosaarirock! x


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