Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy 80th Birthday Nan!

Today was a day off from tour but a day well spent with my family in Kent. It was my Nan's 80th birthday! Wow. I can't actually believe she is 80, it really doesn't seem like it. Another Wow goes to the fact it is also my nan and grandad's wedding anniversary. They got married on her birthday and this year is their 58th year together. 58 years of marriage is pretty incredible, so inspiring and romantic.

Delicious Cupcakes provided by my very skilled baker and aunt.

So back to the tour and my after-school girls project. Every time I go into schools I still get the urge to set the fire alarms off. gah it just really makes me itch! but don't worry head teachers I will refrain. This is my serious walk to the assembly hall, it actually makes me very nervous marching into the assembly hall. 

Interviewing the girls for my documentary...

One of the saddest things I heard from the girls in this school was that she was already thinking of giving up on music, at the age of 16, she felt that being a female and not one that would sell her body to sell her music, that there was no way she would have a chance as a musician. She seemed really shy and sad about what she was saying. I found her after the talk and told her that I want to ask her what she thinks about being a musician after she's played her first show. The girls I'm meeting in these schools are the next generation of the music world. They should be being encouraged and nurtured not the opposite. Another thing that I found myself thinking about is the fact that women have a reputation for being bitchy. I have been in 3 all girls schools in the past couple of months and I have been welcomed and watched the girls support and be warm to each other. Women are not inherently bitchy, we are told that we are by the rest of the world and we're constantly being picked on for the way we look so we get insecure and then have our backs up towards other girls incase they judge us. We have to try and dispel this bullshit myth. Girls can be warm and friendly and supportive to each other when they're comfortable and feeling good about themselves. 

Later that night, got sushi with Ryan and Paula. Yum.

Gig pictures coming up in next blog.

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