Monday, 21 March 2011

Stoke - Northampton

Another article on my girls school project  here

Start of tour! Stoke on trent, haven't been to the sugarmill in stoke for about 4 years and people showed their love, affection and excitement by basically crowd surfing in every song. Even I hate seagulls, I didn't really know what to do with myself. Thanks Stoke! You were cool. I met a girl after the show who had the most beautiful blue/green hair I've ever seen, she looked like a mermaid princess.

Zac from Bri's band was upset that Helen hasn't joined the tour yet. (She arrives on tuesday after she's checked out a college open day that she's interested in going to) He had spent all day picking the perfect parts of Harry Potter to read to her to try and get her to like it. Even though I don't think it will work it was a nice effort. Come on Helen!

Really enjoying wearing my new shoes and white socks and feeling as though I am in Ghost World. 
Also found an amazing twilight t-shirt last time I was in LA so enjoying wearing that too and feeling like a bit of a victim. Kristen Stewart really does it for me. Girl Crush. 

Missing my boyfriend so took some pleasure in finding these old school cribs stickers plastered around the venue. 

Now sitting in a messy dressing room and looking forward to playing in a venue that again I haven't been to for 4 years. Gonna go Soundcheck with my lovely ladies...

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