Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Nottingham & Launch of Rock n Roll Clubs for Girls!

Woke up yesterday and listened to Dum Dum Girls which made me really happy then walked outside and felt even better because it was such a beautiful day! Really feels like spring is on its way.
This tour is making me feel so nostalgic for the old days, I can't believe it was so long ago that I came to all these little venues with the first record. 

Here's some photos of us enjoying the beginning of spring. dad makes good roadie, dm's make good shoes

2 for £2

daisy boy

I bought 101 power ballads at a services and we all bonded via the art of cheesy guitar solos.
The gig in nottingham was amazing, i really felt like i lost myself in it. I also pretended that ryan came to the show and that made me enjoy it more. my girls rocked and we partied hard cause we deserved it!

DJ'd after the show too

Mine and Paula's dream of staying in a hotel in a services came true. Chips at 4 in the morning, yes please.

Today I launched 'Kate Nash's Rock N Roll For Girls After-School Club' in Bournemouth!
I'm learning quickly that the main reason there's such a gender gap in the music industry is because of self esteem issues, the image that the media portrays as perfection makes a lot of young girls feel ugly and that is the main reason they feel like they can't share and play music and put it out there. this is awful. I cannot wait to dispel that myth and a) show these girls that they are beautiful! and b) they can stand up and be proud musicians and lyricists.

I'm really looking forward to coming back and starting the clubs. Thanks Bournemouth. x

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