Friday, 8 April 2011

Cellar Door

Emma Chitty of THRUSH METAL fame played the last few shows with us, debuting her new solo project 'SUGAR'. It was really really awesome, she writes songs on a bass guitar and had Luis from TURBOGEIST playing guitar with her. The songs felt so honest and the music and melodies really beautiful. Her voice had a Patti Smith feel to it. I loved it, check it out if you get the chance.

The dressing room in Newcastle was pretty gross, lots of cock/cum/blood graffiti everywhere so I covered it up cause it was putting me off my food. 

The drive from Newcastle to Carlisle was lovely, beautiful british countryside, you kind of forget how nice it can be here...

We stopped off to look at some lambs, so friggin cute! They made me this happy...

Gig was fun, this is me looking like an evil bat

We had a day off today and as I was walking around town I saw a dead pigeon. It made me really sad, I love pigeons, loads of people seem to hate them but I think they're actually really sweet and it was lying there looking so calm and in the shape of a heart. 

This is for all the Pigeons out there by Rachel Trachtenburg

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