Sunday, 17 April 2011

Virtual Boyfriend

Me and my sisters and cousin took my nan to the ritz yesterday for afternoon tea, it was pretty fancy and so delicious. We stuffed ourselves on cute finger sandwiches, warm scones with CLOTTED!! cream, my favourite kind of cream and seeing as I'm basically allergic to wheat and dairy I don't let myself indulge in cream and scones that often. Then we drank cocktails in the rivoli bar. The lychee martini was my favourite. I had a lychee martini in istanbul recently too, I think it's my new drink. There's something very classy about ordering a martini and a lychee one comes with the bonus of being sweet too!

After that, I stopped off at Sister Ray Records to buy a vinyl in support of record store day with clare, pretty much everything had sold out! Which was annoying cause I obviously missed out on hormoaning! but also great because it made me happy that people are interested in buying records.

I bought 'Virtual Boyfriend' by Poly Styrene which seemed appropriate seeing as Ryan is away and I was away before that and him before that and me before that etcetcetc. 

I saw this phone that I really want 

And went out later for Nick's Birthday and saw this scratched into the loo door. There's so much annoying crap graffiti but the simplicity of this really pleased me. whoever is called mon and is goin out with jon that is awesome. I am so happy you are called mon and you love someone called jon. Mon is one of my all time favourite names. you're lucky you found someone that rhymes with you!

I'm suffering from insomnia and anxiety at the moment but this is really helping once i actually manage to crawl into bed.

It's cherry active extract, apparently it's good for sore joints but seems to knock you out too, and unlike booze/sleeping pills it doesn't give you hangover/drowsiness the next day. Get it here


  1. Oh finally we can post some comments :) I love to read your blog :)

    I know that is not good want to be like other person, because we have to love our selves, but I really want to be like you, you are a really stronger person, I love your personality, You rule girl, you're admirable.