Friday, 15 April 2011

Going to this on monday! - Brigitte Aphrodite's Single Launch at 'St.Pancras Old Church' in Kings X
Should be a real good party. Come Join in!

I had physio today, I've hurt my knees and ankles from jumping around too much, well that's what I thought. But it turns out my hip joints aren't strong enough. My hip joints have always clicked in and out of their socket and my feet and arms are double jointed, these things that used to be my party tricks are actually turning out to really hurt after years of touring. Need to toughen up!

I bought this record today...

It's cool, I really like it.
Kind of obsessed with this video too... 


Get it here

In other news I was walking around east london today and it seemed really fresh. Kind of reminded me what it was like back in 2006. Nice. I feel like summer will be cool. 

My final note is I had to pick up some soy sauce and lemons for my sister tonight and saw this...

Ahhh mariah, how i adore thee