Sunday, 3 April 2011


Brighton at the weekend was lots of fun. found a gluten free wheat free dairy free pizza for dinner from a place called pizzaface that might sound gross because it lacks basically the main ingredients for a pizza but was actually really good! Show was awesome too, felt like the dvd went down really well and people actually understood what I was talking about, encouraging female writers, not caring about the "perfect image" etc.
Thanks Brighton! 

In Reading Bri's single finally arrived! It's pretty magical, have 10p's first ever single release and bri's first ever vinyl. So cool. I did a bit of a n r and bought some moet for the opening of the cardboard box they came in. We all felt pretty proud.

My Bro Shane came to the gig which was also lovely. 

Pics by Clare from the Reading show...

Next show was bath. I haven't been to Bath since I was a little kid and I had totally forgotten how lovely it is. So picturesque and lots of nice shops. I went to cath kitson and bought a mothers day present and card, wrapped it and popped it in the post. job done. Found Jamie's Italian Restaurant! Was very excited about this as I am a big Jamie Oliver fan and have been watching his American Food Revolution Show at home recently. It was delicious. Food was great, and service and it's so nice inside, the decor and all the displays of fresh bread, meats, cheeses, tomatoes, olive oil etc. everywhere you look. YUM

Jay and Ollie from Bri's band

Me Moving the camper for Brigitte

Reversing and parking and everything. Definitely need to buy one of these.

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