Sunday, 3 April 2011



Call me a freak
Call me fat and ugly and stupid

I'm ready
I'm a fucking storm. I have fire burning inside me and I'm ready to pop.

Sick of the hatred and bitchiness that so many people are obsessed with projecting on to those of us that just wanna get on with our lives and have a good fucking time and do something good with our lives. I love my friends, I love so many people that I meet and I  get to have in my life. I want to continue to come across these folk. I don't want to read in closer magazine that cheryl cole has 'gained weight' 

A... the woman is tiny
B... even if she wasn't, her life. 
C... the person who put a photo from a silly angle of her chin and wrote an article on giving her shit for having put on weight, fuck you! fuck you for giving girls and boys everywhere a complex about the way they look. jesus, everyone's so obsessed with looks and perfection. don't you understand that by attacking you're destroying the nation's self esteem.

I have a double chin from the wrong angle, I have cellulite from any angle, I have curves and spots and imperfections all over my body. I don't love it but I ain't gonna fucking hate myself just because some shitty magazines will write shit about me for being human. I'm glad I'm the way I am, I'm normal, I'm a freak. I'm free. 

Start a revolution of imperfections and freedom, because that is truly the most beautiful.



  1. Actually, you might be even more right than you think you are. Instead of treating anybody so nasty, we should solve our own problems and try to figure out finally that all the stuff, that bothers us about other people is just a mirror-system that shows us the problems we have with ourselves.

  2. I like this a lot. You are really inspiring, Kate <3

  3. Virginia from South Carolina10 June 2011 at 13:56

    thanks for this, kate. I agree very much.

  4. Everytime I feel a wave of depression about how I look, I read this. And honestly, I think it's the most true thing I've ever seen ~ just because someone else is not your definition of beautiful, what gives you the right to say they're not? Thank you so so so much Kate, you are my definition of perfect